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Photo credit: Stephan Mazurek

Turtle Wax needed new product buy-in from the salesforce, global distributors, and key retail customers, but the prototype products were still in development.

Our Approach

  • Secure a 40-acre Florida farm with perfect weather.
  • AKA’s production team avoided non-existent product packaging with clever visual storytelling highlighting key consumer benefits.
  • Deliver multi-platform versions for social media sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as subtitled versions for international distribution.

Our Proof

How does a company show off its best and latest products when there is nothing to show? This was the predicament Turtle Wax executives found themselves in before turning to AKA. We were able to create 14 amazing new product videos in just three days. In turn, Turtle Wax used the videos strategically and successfully in key retailer meetings and global distributor events more than a year before the new products would reach store shelves. And the Turtle Wax social media team had engaging video assets pre-scheduled for release in the upcoming social media content calendar.