Snickers and our partner agency became AKA fans after working with us on exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and a satellite media tour with the incomparable Betty White promoting a now-legendary Super Bowl commercial.

Our Approach

  • Produce integrated streaming media tours including earned internet interviews.
  • Promote and share additional video content such as the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” online videos and public service announcements.
  • Leverage celebrity assets to connect with a variety of Snickers fans.

Our Proof

Snickers was hungry for earned media impressions to support ongoing integrated marketing campaigns on-pack and in-store, and on social and in traditional media. The brand has come to trust AKA year-after-year to deliver outstanding results for celebrity campaigns. Our work with integrated streaming media tours, satellite media tours, online video content, and public service announcements has gained Snickers more than 300 million earned impressions, with interviews placed on Bleacher Report, Forbes, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports. AKA also uses streaming media tours as an opportunity to create and capture additional content, including public service announcements with Neil Patrick Harris, David Arquette, and Jim Gaffigan.