Engaging Generation Next

Verizon needed help to promote STEM initiative with a streaming media tour live via Skype from the Minnesota Timberwolves practice facility.

Our Approach

  • Coordinate with the Minnesota Timberwolves to schedule availability of NBA Rookie of the Year, Karl-Anthony Towns.
  • Reach 16-25 year-olds exclusively by securing internet-only sports media interest via Skype.
  • Combine local resources in Minneapolis with AKA production and technical teams to execute on-site.

Our Proof

Working on-site at the Minnesota Timberwolves practice facility allowed Verizon to share the story of its STEM initiative in the most convenient location possible. Our production and technical teams opted to forego broadcast media and satellites to maximize exposure with the intended internet-only audience via Skype. AKA’s Social and Media Relations team scored more than 110 million impressions, booking interviews including and