Using “Top Chef” alumni, we influenced foodie culture to grow a category’s business volume among young adults.

Facing an aging demographic, GLK Foods, the largest sauerkraut maker in the country, needed to change a neutral perception of its product among younger consumers.

Our Approach

  • Provide an opportunity for younger adults, especially foodies, to discover sauerkraut by promoting its usage online.
  • Build awareness of sauerkraut by leveraging the growing popularity of foodie culture.
  • Use the influence of celebrity chefs to capture the imaginations of consumers by introducing new and creative uses for sauerkraut-inspired dishes.

Our Proof

Our team recruited a supergroup of culinary influencers, led by Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn, that would rock the Washington D.C. and Baltimore food scenes with the appropriately named campaign, Kraut Rocks! Restaurateur Mendelsohn hosted a month-long culinary video content series on that put sauerkraut on center stage. The all-star lineup served up signature sauerkraut dishes with Facebook integrations, influencer tie-ins, and, in real life, in their respective restaurants. The branded campaign was exclusively promoted on complete with homepage takeovers (feature story here).