Jason Vargas



Columbia College

What do you do?
  • Co-manage the stewardship of AKA with my business partner Andrew.
  • Set the vision and direction for the company.
  • Lead the concepts/strategies for clients’ video-based campaigns.
  • Drive the business growth of the company.
  • Inspire my co-workers and clients on “what can be.”
What do you think is the future of video marketing?

With roughly two billion smartphones in use in the world, an increasing number of cord-cutting cable subscribers, and the emergence of streaming content, the demand for video is only going to continue to grow at a frenetic pace. However, not all video content is created equal.
We’re here to help our clients navigate the waters of developing video-based marketing campaigns. Our work promises to build awareness, engage key stakeholders, generate demand, and promote customer retention. We also successfully and effectively launch new products by leveraging broadcast, digital, experiential, and social channels.

What makes AKA special?

It’s people; our team is made up of smart, down-to-earth, motivated and genuine people who have a fantastic work ethic.

Your ultimate pizza toppings:

It doesn’t matter (especially if it’s 2 AM).