Amanda Healy

Account Executive


DePaul University, BA in Communications, with an
emphasis on Public Relations and Advertising

What do you do?
  • Be the gatekeeper. Keep the office operational (harder than it sounds).
  • Be the ultimate taskmaster. Give me all the jobs, I will do them.
  • Manage our in-house accounts (AKA’s OG clients).
  • Make use of my Irish banter and scrappy attitude to foster solid connections and get s**t done like only a true Irish woman could.
  • Order a f**k ton of pizza.
What do you think is the future of video marketing?

Strategic, interactive, and experiential is where the future of video is heading. Real/content driven over the lackluster. Gen Y isn’t buying cable or satellite anymore; they are buying subscriptions to YouTube and Netflix, and virtual reality goggles. Video is king and we are its knights (I’ll leave out who the court jester is).

What makes AKA special?

Our passion for what we do, our work culture and the staff who bring life to it, and we have just the right amount of crazy you’re looking for to get the job done without a hitch.

Your ultimate pizza toppings:

Just lots and lots of cheese. Maybe a little ranch dressing. Why mess with a good thing?