Media Tour Triangle of Truth

February 27, 2019

Why are some media tours more successful than others? Since 1998, our satellite media tours have reached over a billion people watching live on TV, listening to the radio, or engaging online. Through our experience, we’ve identified three key elements. You’re going to need at least two if you want to produce a standout media tour.

Triangle of Truth

  • Your Story
  • Your Star
  • Your Location

It all begins with your story. Your story is your plan for filling each three-minute interview with interesting, entertaining, and eye-opening content. Your story is not your product, your brand or national “Remove a Splinter” Month. It takes work to prepare a story that engages viewers. Step back and ask yourself: What’s the angle? Does the story have news appeal? Would it grab my attention as a viewer? Once you’ve nailed down your story, it’s time to focus on your star. Beware of spokespeople who have to tell you how famous they are. If you need to Google them, it’s not a good sign. Quality name recognition can provide instant access to the airwaves.

Have someone a little less known in mind? Like an up-and-coming chef or a foodie nutritionist? That can work, but only if you have a compelling story and an awesome location. Your location is less important if you have a solid story and a solid star. A comfortable studio in any-town, U.S.A. will get you as many interviews as the exotic locale discussed in your brainstorm. On the other hand, if you have a great story and a weak spokesperson, an iconic location may improve your success by helping us to book more interviews for you.

Keep the Triangle of Truth in mind when you’re developing your next media tour.